Ausstellungen und Aktivitäten

2011 Biennial Beijing: Super-Organism. Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Beijing, China.

"Portraits, Kevin Clarke". Chateau de la Treyne, France.
"The Portrait Studio" Galerie Michael Sturm, Stuttgart
"NewCircles" Galerie Rothamel, Frankfurt
"Becoming Human". Sara Tecchia Roma-New York. NYC. Gallery
"Dust To DNA." Installation. Sara Tecchia Roma-New York. NYC
"Genetic Reveries" Janos Gat Gallery, New York. Catalog.
"Kevin Clarke- Portraits of the Future" Hecksher Museum of Art, NY.
"Dust to DNA, Kevin Clarke and Mikey Flowers 9/11" International Center of Photography, New York.
"Kevin Clarke" Galeria de Arte Pillar Parra, Madrid and Photo Espagne "02
"Kevin Clarke" B-W Bank, Stuttgart, Germany
"Kevin Clarke" art Frankfurt. Galerie Michael Sturm
"Frankfurt Meets New York" Mayor"s Honor at Beethoven Hall, NY
"Fantasia in the Key of Berger, Opus ATCG" Tribes Gallery, New York
Atrium project: 6 Portraits. B-W Bank Stuttgart, Permanent installation.
"Kevin Clarke", Galerie Michael Sturm, Stuttgart
"The Invisible Body," Museum Wiesbaden, Germany.
"Drawing (blood)" Karlstrasse Studio, Wiesbaden, Germany
"Vernal Passage," Grand Salon, New York.
"From the Blood of Poets," Curt Marcus Gallery, New York
"The Red Couch," Tampa Museum of Art, Florida
"The Apotheosis of the Couch," Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York
"The Red Couch," Fotoforum in Leinwandhaus, Frankfurt Germany
"The Red Couch" Represented U.S. photography at the Ampitheater, Summer Rencontres, Arles, France
"The Red Couch," Galleria Il Diaframma, Milan, Italy
"The Red Couch," Galerie Lanterna Majika, Stockholm, Sweden
"The Red Couch," International Center of Photography, Bookstore
"The Red Couch," Harris Gallery, Houston, Texas

"The Red Couch," The Photographer"s Gallery, London
"The Red Couch," Galerie RZA, Dusseldorf, Germany
"Kaufhauswelt," Frankfurter Kunstverein in "Steinernes Haus" Germany

"Love and Life. Portraits of Women from the Klöcker Collection". Lehmbruck Museum Duisburg, Germany.
"KONZEPT. 20 Years Collection DZ Bank Frankfurt." Art Foyer Gallery. Frankfurt.
Biennial Beijing: Super-Organism. Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Beijing, China.
"FAME" DZ Bank Art Foyer Gallery. Frankfurt.
"EXPosition of Mythology. Electronic technology" Nam June Paik Art Center, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
"REAL" Photographic Works from the Collection of the DZ Bank. Stadel Museum Frankfurt
"Twisted Into Recognition: Clichés of Jews and Others". Spertus Museum, Chicago
"typisch! Klischees von Juden und Anderen" Jewish Museum Berlin. Catalog.
"Portrait. The View Behind" Galerie Robert Drees, Hannover
"Happy Birthday Nam June Paik" Nassauische Kunstverein, Wiesbaden, Germany
"Touché" Galerie Michael Sturm, Stuttgart
"A Promise of Photography" Moscow House of Photography, Russia.
"Franz von Lenbach and the Art of Today" Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen
"Art is not Untouchable" Pablo's Birthday, N.Y.
"Relating to Photography. Highlights from private Collections" Fotografie Forum International, Frankfurt.
"How Human? Life in the Post-Genome Era" ICP, New York,
"From Code to Commodity", NY Academy of Science,
"Face To Face, Masterworks From The Collection of the DZ Bank." Galerie der Stadt Stuttgart. Germany.
Fotosommer Stuttgart, Galerie Sturm .
"Four Plus: Writing DNA " Wellcome Trust, London
"Paradise Now" Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA
"Paradise Now: Picturing the Genetic Revolution" Tulane U., New Orleans, LA
"American Photography" Museum for Concrete Art, Ingolstadt, Germany
Berlin Art, Art fair, Arco Madrid. Art fair, Art Frankfurt. Art fair
"Paradise Now" Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
"Return of Beauty" Kristen Fredrickson Contemporary Art, New York
"Blood: Power, Politics, and Pathology" Schirn Kunsthalle and Museum for Applied
Art, Frankfurt.
"Under the Skin- Biological Transformations in Contemporary Art" Stiftung Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg
"Genomic Art: Portrait of the 21st Century" UC Santa Cruz
"Paradise Now" Tang Art Museum, Saratoga, N.Y.
"The Promise of Photography" Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt, Germany

"Paradise Now" Exit Art, N.Y. Catalog.
"Do We Know Each Other?" Kunsthalle Nuremberg, Germany
"Bridget Reiley and Kevin Clarke" Brussels Art Fair, Galerie Sturm
"Gene Worlds," Portrait of John Cage, Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn, Germany. Catalog.
"Power by Consent," artcenter of South Florida, Miami Beach, Fl.
"Multiple Identities," Nexus Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta
"Willem de Kooning, The Late Paintings, The 1980"s" Museum of Modern Art, NY
"Body of Work," Genaro Ambrosino Gallery, Florida
"The Portrait Now," Elga Wimmer Gallery , Madrid Art Fair, Spain
"Group Exhibition," Curt Marcus Gallery, New York
"The Portrait Now," Elga Wimmer Gallery, New York
"Gene Culture," Fordham College at Lincoln Center, New York
"Out Into Space." Condeso/Lawler Gallery, NY
"New Color Photography" Brooklyn Museum, New York
"Private Treasures," San Antonio Art Museum, Texas
"Kaufhauswelt," Diverse Works, Houston, Texas
"Willem de Kooning, Retrospektiv" Akademie der Kunst, Berlin.
"POOL" Artist"s Space, New York Catalog.
"Journey to Mauritius," collaboration with Jochen Gerz
"documenta 6," 100 days Freie Universitaet, Joseph Beuys
"Pyramids", Collaboration with Yoko Ono, New York & Yucatan, Mexico
"Das Kollektiv" Exhibition and Happenings, Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland


KUNST UND MEDIEN, MATERIALIEN ZUR DOCUMENTA 6, 1977 Stadtzeitung und Verlag, Kassel. Documenta 6 anti-catalog and prize-winning best seller. 300pp. Text and photographs.

KAUFHAUSWELT (Department Store World), 1980 Schirmer + Mosel Verlag, Munich. Black & white photographs by Kevin Clarke in Kaufhaus Des Westens (KaDeWe) in West Berlin. Text by Hans J. Scheurer.

THE RED COUCH, A PORTRAIT OF AMERICA, 1984, Alfred van der Marck Editions/ Harper & Row. Photographs of Americans on a red velvet couch. Photos by Kevin Clarke and Horst Wackerbarth, text by William Least Heat Moon.

PORTRAITS, KEVIN CLARKE, 1998 ( x+c ). Portraits including From the Blood of Poets and Portrait of John Cage. Text by Alan Jones.

THE INVISIBLE BODY, 1999, Museum Wiesbaden. 118pp. Twenty-six portraits of people from New York and Frankfurt by Kevin Clarke plus texts and background history by Dr. Volker Rattemeyer, Dr. Renate Petzinger, and Luminita Sabau.. Illustrated.

MIKEY FLOWERS 9/11; ASHES TO ASHES, DUST TO DNA, 2002, ars genetica, inc Michael Collarone and Kevin Clarke. Vivid photographs of the attack on the World Trade Center and 16 genetic meditations based on survivor"s DNA sequences. 96 pages, Illustrated.

2011 LIFE China Kevin Clarke"s Conceptual Photography
a+a architecture and art Beijing. "Who We Are, KC"s Conceptual Photography" Super-Organism. Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Beijing, China.
2008 REAL Concept Photography. Stadel Museum Frankfurt
Typisch, Clischees von Juden und Anderen. Jewish Museum Berlin.
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Wissenschaft im Zeitalter der Technoscience. Ingeborg Reichle. Springer
Wien NewYork.
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"KEVIN CLARKE". B-W Bank Stuttgart. Catalog, illustrated. Text by Ralf Christofori
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LOSS AND PROFIT: WE REMEMBER, WE CREATE, WE MAKE A BUCK. HOW SHOULD WE FEEL? By Tim Carman. Outlook page, The Washington Post. 8/25/02
EL PUNTO DE LAS ARTES "K.C., la alusion como estrategia de construccion retratistica" Madrid, July. Carlota De Alfonso. Review.
ABC CULTURAL "El retrato metafisico" Fernando Martin Galan. Review.
2001 "UNDER THE SKIN-BIOLOGICAL TRANSFORMATIONS IN CONTEMPORARY ART" Stiftung Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum, Hatje Cantz. Catalog. Illustrated.
"PARADISE NOW". Catalog by JGS Foundation, New York. Illustrated.
"BLOOD; POWER, POLITICS, AND PATHOLOGY" Catalog to the exhibition at the Schirn Kunsthalle and Museum of Applied Arts, Frankfurt. Prestel, Illustrated, hardcover & soft.
FAZ, Oct. 22. Ralf Christofori: "Show me your Genetic Formula and I"ll Tell You Who You Are: Kevin Clarke"s Photographs Cross Abstraction and Appearance". Review.
WIRED, September, 2000. "The Essential James Watson". Illustrated.
SCIENCE NEWS December, 2000 "Genetic Artistry". Illustrated.
2000 KUNSTFORUM "Kevin Clarke, Der Unsichtbare Koerper" 149 Review by
Martin Pesch.
PHOTOGRAPHY NOW "Kevin Clarke"s Innen-schau Portrait im Museum Wiesbaden. text Michael Scheuermann . Illustrated.
1999 THE END OF THE ART WORLD". critical writings by Robert C. Morgan.
Allworth Press New York, NY. 226 pp. Chapter 3 Kevin Clarke, Signs of
Loss and Intimacy. Illustrated.
"THE INVISIBLE BODY" Kevin Clarke, Dr. Volker Rattemeyer Museum Wiesbaden 118pp. Illustrated.
ART KALEIDOSCOPE Frankfurt, October, 1999 "Experimental Portraits by Kevin Clarke. Illustrated.
FRANKFURT ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG "Die Menschen Mit Metaphern Beschreiben" Katharina Deschka October 23. Illustrated.
BundesKunsthalle Bonn.
TEXAS MONTHLY "Our 100 Best photographs. Feb. issue. Photo number
six. Illustrated.
1997 VERNAL PASSAGE catalog exhibition at Grand Salon, New York.
REVIEW review by Robert C. Morgan, "Vernal Passage". Dec 15. issue.
IMPAKT 1997, Utrecht, Netherlands. Catalog. "Time>1996 ART JOURNAL "Contemporary Art and the Genetic Code". Text, "From
the Blood of Poets" by Kevin Clarke. Spring 1996. Illustrated.
INTELLIGENT AGENT Review of Kevin Clarke website From "The Blood
of Poets", by Richard Ledes. Appeared on-line and in print form.
Illustrated. Volume 1, No. 3, 1996
1995 SYNAESTHETIC 2 The Intersection of Science & Art. Alex Cigale. 4 color
illustrations and text "From The Blood Of Poets, Taken, Literally".
1994 99 TURN OF THE CENTURY MAGAZINE Volume 1, Number 2, Fall
1994 New York.
"The Blood of the Poets, Taken Literally" text by Kevin Clarke, edited by
Richard Milazzo.
1993 TEMA CELESTE Spring 1993. "Kevin Clarke" by Alan Jones. Illustrated.
1989 CLINICAL CHEMISTRY "Automated DNA Sequencing Methods
Involving Polymerase Chain Reaction". Koepf, Hunkapillar, Venter, et al.
Vol. 35, No 11, 1989. Blood supplied by Kevin Clarke. Illustrated.
1985 EUROPEAN PHOTOGRAPHY 84. Abrams. Edited by Edward Booth-
Clibborn, London.
Kevin Clarke/Horst Wackerbarth, "The Red Couch". Illustrated.
"THE RED COUCH, A PORTRAIT OF AMERICA", 1984 , Alfred van der Marck Editions/ Harper & Row. Photographs of Americans on a red velvet couch. Text by William Least Heat Moon. Softcover edition.
1984 "THE RED COUCH, A PORTRAIT OF AMERICA", 1984 , Alfred van der
Marck Editions/ Harper & Row. Photographs of Americans on a red velvet
couch. Text by William Least Heat Moon. Hardcover. Numerous reviews,
television appearances, magazine articals, etc. world wide accompanied
STERN magazine, Germany. The Red Couch. 20pp color illustrations. May 11,1983. Two Gold Medals were awarded by the Art Director"s Club of Germany for this article, including Best Photography and Best Editorial in a magazine. It was the first double gold of the ADC"s 80 year history.
1984 LIFE "Red Rover" The Red Couch, November, 1982. . Illustrated.
1980 KAUFHAUSWELT "(Department Store World), 1980 Schirmer + Mosel Verlag, Munich. Black & white photographs by Kevin Clarke in Kaufhaus Des Westens (KaDeWe) in West Berlin. Text by Hans J. Scheurer. .
"KAUFHAUSWELT (Department Store World), 1980 Frankfurter Kunstverein. Black & white photographs by Kevin Clarke in Kaufhaus Des Westens (KaDeWe) in West Berlin. Text sby Dr. Peter Weiermair and Kevin Clarke. Catalog. Illustrated.
"POOL", Artist"s Space, New York. Edited by Russell Maltz. Begin of Red
Couch project. catalog. Illustrated.
Stadtzeitung und Verlag, Kassel. Documenta 6 anti-catalog and prize-
winning best seller. 300pp. Illustrated


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1953 New York, New York

1976 B.F.A., Sculpture, The Cooper Union, New York

Kevin Clarke Wikipedia:
Kevin Clarke conceptual portraits, DNA (Kevin Allan Clarke 1953-) is an American artist/photographer who was born in Brooklyn, New York. He is best known for his 1984 photography book The Red Couch, A Portrait of America and for his conceptual portraits that combine a metaphoric photographic image with the subject"s DNA sequence, known as DNA Portraits.

Artist, Photographer.
DNA Portraits. Red Couch.
Rotary Souillac en Quercy.

Kevin Clarke

Place de L' Eglise
46350 Payrac, France
Tel. oo33 673 9031 94
dnaportrait [at] gmail [dot] com